Sunday, November 2, 2014

HP aims to take flash storage array costs below $2 per GB

If you want to know why the results of HP, Oracle , IBM are not there, It's because a GB of capacity from these guys costs $2, when it costs Facebook and Google 3 cents. If you are a CIO you are compelled to look elsewhere. Aivars Lode avantce

HP aims to take flash storage array costs below $2 per GB

Summary: HP's enhanced 3PAR StoreServ 7450 array aims to provide scalability and affordability that broadens its use to a wider range of mission-critical applications.

HP has launched an all-flash storage array that it claims lowers costs below $2 per usable gigabyte.
The enhanced 3PAR StoreServ 7450 array includes hardware-accelerated inline primary deduplication, thin cloning software, express indexing and 1.92TB commercial multi-level cell solid state drives.
The system, announced at HP Discover in Las Vegas today, is described by HP as delivering "faster response times at the same price as high-performance spinning media without sacrificing enterprise-class storage resiliency and petabyte scalability".

The new high-density 1.92TB cMLC drive, when combined with HP 3PAR compaction technologies, lowers the cost of storage to below $2 per usable gigabyte, according to HP.
These new compaction technologies, include HP 3PAR Thin Deduplication and HP 3PAR Thin Clones software, which add to the benefits of existing thin provisioning with zero-block deduplication, that HP says frees up significant space.
HP also collaborated with SSD suppliers to extend usable capacity per drive by up to 20 percent by reducing the space typically reserved by media suppliers.
Express Indexing allows the array to be scaled to 460 TB of raw storage and more than 1.3 petabytes of equivalent usable capacity.
The system also comes with a guarantee of 99.9999 percent storage uptime and HP offers a five-year warranty on its 480GB, 920GB and 1.92TB HP 3PAR StoreServ SSDs.
The 3PAR StoreServ 1.92TB cMLC drives are planned to be available in July at $14,315 per drive.
3PAR Thin Deduplication and 3PAR Thin Clones software for 3PAR StoreServ 7450 is expected to begin shipping as part of the 3PAR Operating System Software Suite in September 2014 at no additional charge.
IDC forecasts that by 2016 the market for all-flash storage arrays will jump to $1.6 billion, with the market experiencing a 59 percent compound annual growth rate between 2012 and 2016.

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